I take bullets by mouth.
White and round and oblong and square 

You want me sterile

Until you decide 
What to plant inside me.

I’m just a woman
With hips and lips

And the balls to decide
What to put into my mouth.

Washing down the small white dose is
My ritual cleansing of

Psychopathy and 
Your possessive expectations.

And then I breathe 
Pure thoughts 

Released by these
small bullets of freedom.


Enjoy her 

I’m going away a while, 
My body will take my place. 
Enjoy yourself. 
Don’t be embarrassed, 
I won’t be here to see what you’ve done.

No repurcussions 
What will you do?
Who will you make me for you? 
Now I’ll go and you
Enjoy her. No, really it’s fine.



When depression
Lifts its oppression 
And mood shifts
Not gradually
Or with warning 
I feel
I can’t control it
My heart pounds

Empathetic energy
Types words of encouragement 
To strangers

But again 

I hate you
I want to fuck
Shut the fuck up!

My skull pieces 
The content
Fragmented and sharp 

Beautiful Fibonacci sequences
Have been ripped apart 
And left me with the garbage

Normalcy exerts
It’s oppressive gravity  
She holds me 
For now

Fucked up Dance

Love and Hatred
My chest heaves with thier
Pounding steps

The image clears
I see
Joy and Hatred are the same person
And Apathy another enemy 

I just can’t process
Clarity passes again 
Electronic colors in wave
And the unnatural whir
Of the fireplace insert

I can’t crack this shell without dying