Oh stranger oh friend
I have tried to separate from you

But I am detrimentally kind.
I can’t see past you,
I don’t understand
why the children laugh.

It’s too awkward now,
It’s been too long.
our secret,
our arrangement,
our unspoken agreement.

This uncomfortable tension.
I try to slip pills by you.

my hungry ghost,
my obsession,
you’ve caught on that my brain
is sticky paper.

Episodic visitation,
spectre you don’t show yourself.

they don’t see

what happens behind
closed and open eyes.

Sexless codependency,
you take away my pain
in the wake of nothingness.

You are trapped in my
encephalitic prison,
because I can’t let you go,
I hold you in.

Rapid cycling reincarnation.
I embody you now

and then

I do not.

Like a reverse Buddhist rebirth,
to god,
to human,
to denizen of hell,
I take my form then
karmic pretext follows.

I ought to disentangle you,
but I am enfeebled,
Icy Hell being.

And when my tyrannic power
comes in waves,
I keep you imprisoned
and laugh at your impotency.
I live in the realm of the Gods.

There exists brevity
In my humanity.
When I see you and
You see me.

when I emerged, so did you
Pills burn inside me,
The black ashes heavy.

We are the Ruby Phoenix,
Cyclically we live and die.

Assimilation, by the pill,
Our secret,
we laugh like children.


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