Guest: Story of a Day 

Good memories are too few and far between as a child

Today a happy story I’ll tell from before my life was wild

Seven years old an official boy scout collecting patches

Enjoying my life before dear old dad totally detaches

Our goal was pretty simple: build a car together, win a race

Try not to brag too hard but go ahead you can rub it in their face

Old man and I are awfully alike we both love technicalities

Time would tell that unfortunately son, you have other abnormalities

Sitting down together all day we drew, mapped and schemed

Five ounces was the limit but it would be faster than they dreamed

Laughing and joking around we patted our backs for our brains

Designing like this was new at the church so we took great pains

Cutting sawing and sanding it had to be utter perfection

Oblivious at the time to the evidence of future disconnection

Wandering the store I was choosing the paint and I wanted a tone

Covered almost entirely in black forecasting the color of my future throne

Race time had come the church packed with kids each with a father

Confident in our plan and design competition was hardly a bother

Rules were strict you had to rest your car on top of the track

Not allowed to push but didn’t matter it was a bushwhack

Time spent together our work was obsessively laborious

When it was all said and done we were clearly victorious

Afterwords we got pizza and together rode the high cheering

Neither of us knew our fun would soon be disappearing


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