She wanted to be a fairy: sparkly translucent wings, and delicate tiny bodies. She gazed out of her dirt streaked bedroom window into the flower garden, but try as she must, squinting did not reveal any magic.

Ritualistically placing her hands over her ears to hide from the commotion, she dreamed. If only she could be airy and blithe, pause and pose on a flower petal and paint the morning world with dew. Her emerging grin was abruptly cut off by the heinous screeching. She tensed a moment, then took refuge, leaping into bed, her favorite pillow covering her lovely blond head.

From her delicate perch, she frowned at the old house. Not only had they taken over this beautiful world’s appearance, they dominated smell, taste, touch, and at this very moment, sound. 

She couldn’t take it anymore. 

Spreading her crystalline wings, she bent her knees and sprung away from the dewy garden and towards the angry home.

The male human was large and red in the face, and at this moment at the peak of his anger. She had been observing them, the male and female humans. And knew of their power, rage and destruction.

When she reached the noisy place she dove down near the man’s ear. “A FUCKING FLY!”He swung at her and missed. She delicately perched in the center of the table, her heart raced and as the rolled newspaper sped towards her she did not flinch because she knew she was ready.



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