Based on a True Story 

Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

“I never like the guy, not one bit”

“I know Britt, but she doesn’t need to hear that right now, not at a time like this”
Hahhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.
Hahhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhht.

“Dinah??? Dinahhhh??? Can you hear me??? It’s Britt!…. DINAH!”
Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

Hahhhhhhhhhh, Pppphhhhhhht.

Britt reaches to poke her sharp neon nail into Dinah’s shoulder, but her sister grabs her arm and pulls her back to her chair.

“Britt.. Just let her be. She needs to rest. I’m going to go grab the photos of Wishbone and Fifi that I left in the car, at least if she opens her eyes she’ll have them by her side. Just like always. Be back soon”
Hahhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

Haahhhhhhh, Pppphhhhhhht.

As Britt gazes at Dinah her eyes fill with tears. She thinks of the anomosity between them since Dinah married Chuck. An alcoholic with a mean streak. He always reeked of cigarettes and unwashed clothes, and was constantly abusive to Dinah’s dogs. 

Sighing, she reaches up and strokes Dinah’s brunette hair, now streaked with wirey grey. 
Hahhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

Hahhhhhhhhh, Pppphhhhhhht.

As kids they had always been close. The distance was hard on her. But she couldn’t stand being around Chuck, and seeing the way Chuck treated Dinah!!

Her clenched fist relaxes when she sees Dinah’s forehead slightly furrow. 
Hahhhhhhhhhh, Phhht. Phhht. 

Britt jumps back startled. A nurse is at the bedside immediately, she makes an adjustment on the ventilator, and dismisses it with a wave of her hand. 

 Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

The sounds of her sickness back on beat. Dinah’s forehead relaxes again. 

“Brittany, Dinah has another visitor in the waiting room.” The young nurse asks.” Is it ok if I let him back?” 

She scowls. “Actually, I’ll step out first… I assume it’s Chuck..” She gives the nurse a knowing glance. Getting up she starts to leave but glances back “Just uh, keep a close eye on him when he’s in here okay?” 

“No problem dear.”
Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.
 Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

When her patient’s husband steps in, his nurse enters the room as well, and pretends to be checking on her IV fluids. She holds her breath to prevent herself from gagging at the smell of filth and smoke. Giving Chuck a half smile she tells him, “I’ll be outside the room if you need anything.”

Chuck grunts.

Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

The smell of cigarettes lingers in the hallway. The nurse shuts the curtain almost all the way and leaves the door cracked, she pulls her chair and computer as close as possible without being noticed.
Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

Chuck stands over Dinah. Dinah remains comatose. 

“I finally did it.” He tells her. “Everything I said I’d do. Your stupid crystal animal collection. Gone. Smashed them all.” He croaks and a dirty smirk comes across his face. He leans in closer to whisper in her ear. Stacy inches closer in her chair “And those dogs of yours, I killed them too.” 

Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

Hahhhhhhhhhh, Ppphhhhhhhht.

– LRose
(This is based on a true overhead conversation)

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