Fallen fledgling,

I grin,
I can help it,
Because it’s mine now.

Steel toed boot
I crush it.






“Cain, you are a gift to this Earth” I say to myself.


The trees shed beauty,
Exposing brown skeletons.

I walk and crush their,
Fallen alms.

A rustle,
Sunbeams flicker.

Sympathetic nervous system,
My pupils are dimes.

I see,
I crawl,
I watch,
The brown beauty.

She’s mine now.

Blurs my vision.

My rifle cold and hard.
I stroke it

Her doe black eyes see into mine.

I never waiver.



“The fuck?!” The bitch is in my head.

Cain, tilt the gun up.

My muscles betray me.

Cain, the barrel under your chin now.

Cain, your finger on the trigger now.

She speaks wordlessly.

Now come with me,
Hear me.
You walk among men,
Crushing skeletons

With perverted joy.
The Earth is not your toy.
You animal.
It is here you will fall.

My body now her puppet,
I move with her,
And lie in dirt.

I want to take her,
But she reads my soul.

I am all women
All animals
All Earth

And all of those without offensive mirth.

You are not in control,
You are a slave to your lust.

Sin came to your door,
You are no Bacus.
No Philemon.
You welcomed it in.

Like a fledgling you will now lie,
In Earth forever waiting to die.

A flicker of white,
She pranced away.

Immobilized in Earth’s hole,
no control.

My rifle forever pointed at my chin.
My finger forever on the trigger.

She would never be mine.
Nothing would ever be mine.



Please click the link to read this entry on I entered this poem in a prose contest so the more views the better!

5 thoughts on “Crush

  1. Yes I read the prompt description and could see your intention. I’m glad you liked the first half too. I also like when a writer admits they like their own work, or certain elements of it. It shows they are excited about it which is a good thing. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was really excited about this. Haha, I can’t explain why I’m more excited about certain pieces than others.

      I also really appreciate the constructive criticism. Of course it’s always nice to hear if people like your pieces, but once in a while it’s nice to hear what I can do better.

      Also, I want to say I love your writing. It’s interesting that both of our websites have the word “America” in them. I also love that you are an explorer. It looks like we’ve visited many of the same places. I was in Europe the same time as you. And now I’m exploring the South West. I look forward to seeing where your travels take you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well I have no travels lined up for the foreseeable future and I’m not sure what to do with Imagined America now that the trip is over. I will probably leave it lie dormant for a while in case I get a flurry of trip memories come flooding back to me. In the meantime you can catch any new work on my other site:
        although of late I am concentrating on writing my great unfinished novel !!


    1. Thank you! I went in that direction because the prompt for the contest was so specific. “You’ve been baited by the person you’ve been stalking. Held at gunpoint, you can’t leave ever. Write about it.” My goal was to get away from the typical response to the prompt.

      I appreciate the feedback, the piece is sort of split into two different styles. I like the first half as well!! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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