A ghost lived once

A ghost lived once
inside this house
They say he murdered his kids
And then his spouse.

He fell in love
With someone else
He told his wife 
Their marriage was false. 

She went into the bathroom
And closed the door
She took the kids with her 
She loved no more.

He went to find them,
The doorknob was hot.
He flinched and jumped back
As smoke billowed out.

He pounded on the door
Then kicked it down,
Looking for their bodies
On the tiled ground.

His face sizzled and burned
Before the fire went out
Then he was alone
He cried and shout.

He went to the hospital
For his burned face
They looked at him and whispered
His deformity out of place.

He suffered and grieved
In the old house he cried. 
They made up a rumor 
after he died:

A ghost lived once 
inside this house .
He murdered his kids
And then his spouse.