Running safe

“Three things.. three things.. three things…”

Frantically I swept dust, stale Cheetos, and abandoned books off my table. Orphaned red and white pills sprinkled the carpet along with all the crap that used to be best intentions. Feeling as if I was keeping them waiting gnawed like an animal clawing inside my gut. 

Got it! The D batteries clinked together as I dropped them into my pocket. I also grabbed my pink neon lighter, a sock, then headed out the door forever.

Sprinting down the street, wind whipped at my face, it should have been bitterly numbing, but it stimulated me. Energy surged through my body in waves, unlike any high I can describe to the common man. My laugh was lost in the wind. This unstable world, the weather, the people, the political climate, would soon be left behind. And finally I was ready to depart. 

I spotted the launch pad ahead, clearly marked with yellow paint. And as their communication had directed, I sprinted toward it, and leaped over the edge.

I woke with hands and feet bound in leather. Stale drool and tears caked my skin, cracking as I opened my mouth and squinted my eyes. I let out a moan, then held my breath when my ribs objected.

Restraints hugged my wrists, but it was apathy that held me. The juxtaposition following my mania filled my limbs with lead, and solidified with time. 

“Anna? Anna? Can you hear me?” 
“Ughhh” I groaned. 

Through squinted eyes I saw a blurry woman. She stroked my hair and I felt faint signals of pleasure. The fuzziness of my vision and mentation made her aura angelic.

“Shhhh.” She whispered. “It’s okay, you don’t need to speak. You’re in the hospital, today is Sunday, I’m your nurse Cara. You fell one story. When the paramedics arrived you were raving about replicating and leaving earth.”

I wondered how much time I had lost with this episode. Each damaged my brain more. On my bedside table was my gray hoodie, I could see the outline of D batteries in the pocket and wondered what the hell I had wanted those for. 

“We have you on suicide precautions so Rob from security is going to have to sit with you at all times. I’ll be back soon dear.”

The security guard smirked. The hospital gown was much too big for me and had slipped down almost revealing my nipples. He scooted his chair closer while readjusting his groin.

I closed my eyes. Trump’s voice on my roommate’s television. A patient yelling. Rain splatting my window. Hunger gnawing my gut. I retreated into my head, simultaneously safe and imprisoned. 



Part Two (& One)

She awoke with a start, her cheek pressed to the cold cement floor. Her mouth was parched, and her frightened heart hammered in her skull. Drawing the sheet more tightly around her, she shivered, realizing now, her nudity. 

“Finally awake!” A hoarse voice jeered at her. “Good morning princess. Have some water!”

She rose into a cross legged position, a bowl flew through the slot in the evil latitudinal bars. Drops flew into the air as the bowl cylindrically crashed to the floor, then trembled with increasing frequency. 

It’s raining from my eyes. She thought, and memories from the previous day flooded in. 

She remembered God’s tears splashing her face as she sprinted down the road. Her husband had called her name, dampened and far away. She had been overcome with desire to feel the rain on her naked body, washing off the sticky sweat and shame of summer…

The previous night:

Each sticatto droplet fell loud and sharp on her skin. Her brunette ringlets, caught by the weight of the rain, fell individually into her face. Brushing them away she cackled, thinking of those hiding in thier vinal boxes from the wetness. Her heart bursting, its squeeze forced an unbreakable manic smile. Energy surged and rippled throughout her body.

A shadowed man ran at her and was sprayed with water as she haulted her race in a rainbow puddle. She turned to break into a sprint, his hands grazing her slippery flank. Her heart and head bounded, the ultimate race. As she ran from Death’s grasp another shadowed man came at her, as his spindly arms reached for her, she again swiveled and slipped on the devil’s black muck, she fell to the ground. They towered over her, and laughed.

“Dude this bitch is crazy!” One of the shadoow creatures half laughed half shouted.

They each grabbed a muddy arm too firmly and her bellow was lost in the rains deafening intensity.

Her hands were bound behind her, cold, tight, painful. She was carried through the rain’s blur and her face pushed down onto a leather seat, her feet planted firmly on the ground. She felt warm hands caressing her body and anger shot through her. She stuggled, the ultimate fight.

“Hey! She’s too strong, hold her down!”

A hand firm pressed her face to the seat, and she inhaled the leather. She cried out as rough fingers and sharp nails scraped inside of her. There was no way she would let the Devil have her. Like an angry stallion, she kicked her right foot back and up, and the shadow man hollared as she made contact with his testicles. The momentary weakened grasp allowed her to stand, the other figure grabbed her from behind. As he leaned in to shout in her ear she tucked her chin, then snapped her head backward, a crunch then a wail indicating success. Spinning around she watched the miraculous red stream flow down his furious face. She smiled wickedly before she was thrown forcefully into the back of the car.